Kenyon Snowdrifters currently have charitible gambling in 2 locations. We have Pulltabs in the Kenyon Municipal Liquor Store in Kenyon and in MarLeas in Dennision, MN.

The club is a 501c3 organizations and only does donations to a City Governments, School Districts and to another 501c3 organization. All donation requests must be in writting and mail to: Kenyon Snowdrifters, Po Box 81, Kenyon, MN 55946

All written requests for donations are brought to our monthly club meetings for discussion and vote. Please allow 30-60 days for response on a donation request.

Currently our donation goal is 30% of gambling moneys to be donated to the local needs of our community.

At this time we are not accepting any new donation requests. We have met our goal and are using funds towards the purchase of a trail groomer. Stay posted here for updates as funds be come available(1-1-2017).